Percheron Hill LLC: Author Guidelines

Percheron Hill LLC: Author Submission Guidlines

Right now, we aren't publishing books written by freelance authors.

Following a formula first set by our publisher more than two decades ago with a computer book publishing venture, Redmond Technology Press (and profiled in the Wall Street Journal on December 5, 2000), Percheron Hill will initially publish books written by in-house writers.

Accordingly, we would discourage freelance authors or agents from contacting us at this time.

If in spite of that, you would to discuss the publication and marketing of your small business book, please send a query to:

Percheron Hill Acquisitions
5387 242nd PL NE
Redmond, WA, 98053

In your cover letter, please describe any internet marketing resources you might use to support the promotion of your book, such as a personal web site, active online identity, twitter following, or faculty web page.