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Percheron Hill LLC: Our Publications

Percheron Hill has published more than two hundred downloadable do-it-yourself eDocuments to help small business owners and managers, investors and entrepreneurs. The following is a list of the products we offer to small businesses across the country.

Do-It-Yourself Limited Liability Company Formation Kit series:
We sell LLC formation kits for all fifty states. The kits—essentially 25pp recipes for forming an LLC—explain where an individual can get free LLC forms, how to complete those forms, and how to register the LLC with federal and state agencies. All of the limited liability company kits also come with a sample LLC operating agreement. Click here to get to the website that talks about limited liability companies in depth and which sells DIY kits for all fifty states.

Do-It-Yourself Incorporation Kit series:
These do-it-yourself kits help small business entrepreneurs set up a corporation in any given state. The kits explain where to obtain free incorporation forms, how to fill out those forms, and how to register the corporation with federal and state agencies. Plus, all incorporation kits come with sample corporate by-laws to use as a tool for deciding the by-laws for your own business. Click here to jump to the website from which we sell Do-it-yourself Incorporation kits for all fifty states.

Do-It-Yourself S Corporation Kit series:
The subchapter S corporation setup kits are useful guides to small businesses in any given state. The kits not only explain how to decide if a subchapter S election makes sense for your business venture, but also provide step-by-step directions that make the election process easy for any entrepreneur. Plus, all of the kits come with sample by-laws to help you structure your new S corporation. The S corporations Explained website (where we sell the DIY S corporation kits) also provides a great FAQ... Ciick here to get to the FAQ--and note that the FAQ pages also provides links to all the S corporation kits.

Miscellaneous Small Business eDocuments:
Percheron Hill also publishes some additional edocuments for small businesses, including the following items:

Sample Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement For those who don't wish to purchase the entire Do-It-Yourself LLC Formation Kit, this sample document will help the independent small business entrepreneur understand the benefits of an LLC operating agreement and what such an agreement should look like.

Sample Corporate By-Laws For those businesses which have already incorporated or don’t wish to purchase the entire Do-It-Yourself Incorporation Kit, these sample corporate by-laws show small-business entrepreneurs how to structure their corporation to achieve the maximum legal benefits.

Strategies for Setting S Corporation Shareholder Salaries Setting S corporation shareholder salaries is a tricky business. This set of helpful tips explains how a small business should use shareholder salaries to save the most in taxes without risking frequent audits and federal penalties.

Small Business Tax Deduction Secrets For small businesses, one of the most powerful techniques available for reducing taxes is legitimately maximizing tax deductions. The tax deduction secrets e-book describes just how to do this.

Real Estate Tax Loopholes & Secrets Our real estate tax loopholes e-book explains how real estate investors can wring every possible tax benefit out of their realty investments--and maybe save thousaands of dollars annually.