Percheron Hill LLC: Small Business eDocuments & eBooks

Percheron Hill LLC : What We Do

Percheron Hill, centered in Redmond, Washington, is an online publishing company that produces and markets ebooks and edocuments that help small businesses and entrepreneurs. The ebooks and edocuments are all written by expert business professionals in order to provide the highest-quality information to small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

A few words about our existing publications:

Do-It-Yourself Limited Liability Company Formation Kits
These do-it-yourself kits allow small business entrepreneurs to successfully create their own limited liability company--without paying hundreds of dollars to a lawyer or accountant for the same service!

Do-It-Yourself Incorporation Kits
The incorporation kits describe when and how a small business should incorporate, and even provide step-by-step guidelines to fill out all the necessary forms.

Do-It-Yourself Subchapter S Incorporation Kits
These "S corp" kits explain what an S corporation is, how it is taxed by the IRS, when a small business should elect S corporation status, and how to fill out the forms necessary to turn a small business into an S corporation.

Other Small Business Resources
Percheron Hill provides other helpful documents to small business entrepreneurs such as sample limited liability company operating agreements, sample corporate by-laws, and the technical white-paper Strategies for Setting S Corporation Shareholder Salaries.